First study analyzing embryo quality associated with the appearance of birth defects

  • 20-11-2013
The 7th ASEBIR Conference (Spanish Association of Reproductive Biology) begins today, in which the Instituto Bernabeu group will present a total of 11 research projects.
One of them is a retrospective study in which Instituto Bernabeu includes its data from the last 14 years. We concluded that the quality of the transferred embryos is not related to the appearance of birth defects. We did not find higher incidences when comparing ICSI to conventional IVF, or when comparing single and multiple pregnancies. By contrast, we did observe an association between maternal age and the occurrence of these birth defects. According to our knowledge, this is the first study that analyzes embryo quality and birth defects.
BIRTH DEFECTS RELATED TO EMBRYO QUALITY IN IVF/ICSI CYCLES. J. Ten, A. A. Martínez-Bertomeu, J. Guerrero, JC. Castillo, J. De Juan, R. Bernabeu, F. Sellers

Instituto Bernabeu