Instituto Bernabeu holds the Science, Youth and Fertility Congress second edition.


Instituto Bernabeu holds the Science, Youth and Fertility Congress second edition.
  • About fifty Vocational Training students from Alicante’s schools took part in the event’s new edition.
  • The young students got to know the different areas and laboratories of Instituto Bernabeu in Alicante.

Instituto Bernabeu has once again opened its doors to high schools and vocational training students from Alicante to hold the Conference on Science, Youth and Fertility 2nd edition, framed within the celebration, last Sunday, of the Women and Girls in Science International Day.

The students were able to find out how research and science is done in our Alicante clinic, where more than 80% of scientists are women. In this edition we have had the participation of vocational training students from La Torreta Vocational School in Elche and Canastell Vocational School in Alicante, who have been able to see what is behind assisted reproduction, the laboratories that make this work possible, the most demanding job profiles and the possible career opportunities related to reproductive medicine, among other aspects.

The attendees toured the clinic’s main facilities and laboratories. With the embryologist Dori Rodriguez, they learned about the day-to-day work in the In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) laboratory, the technique that allows the fertilisation of eggs by sperm outside the woman’s body to generate the embryo that will be transferred to the womb.

With Dr Ruth Morales, pharmacist and director of the Genetic and Reproductive Counselling Unit, the students got a close-up look at the IB Biotech molecular biology laboratory, the place where advances are made and allow us to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment to hereditary diseases.

Dr Ana Fabregat showed them the andrology and clinical analysis laboratory, which has the latest technology in order to investigate the possible causes of infertility and to offer personalised solutions for each patient.

During their visit, they also learned about Instituto Bernabeu’s donor programme from biologist Eva García and Marina Sánchez, from the Egg Donation Department. This is a very important service, as it allows many people to achieve their goal of becoming parents thanks to the donors’ generosity

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