Instituto Bernabeu has always been loyal to its patient care philosophy, and is even more so now in these current hard times, by planning and implementing new projects and services aimed at helping couples achieve their dream of parenthood.

We want to share your efforts and risk by promising to back up every activity with the latest equipment, innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology alongside our entire team’s professionalism, experience, warmth and dedication.

Therefore, we have created the exclusive Instituto Bernabeu Pregnancy Guarantee Programme.

The Pregnancy Guarantee Programme aims to provide our patients with the maximum security of achieving the pregnancy of a viable fetus while reducing the economic risk and simplifying the treatment by including all the tests needed to reach our common goal, since the Programme guarantees your pregnancy or a 100% refund.

This means: we ensure a healthy pregnancy that develops beyond 28 weeks after any of the three treatments included within 18 months, without you having to worry about the financial aspect, so that you can focus all your energy on becoming pregnant while receiving meticulous patient care throughout the entire process within an exquisite medical care framework.


The programme includes:

  1.  A viable pregnancy up until childbirth or within 180 days from when embryo transfer takes place (at this point, the foetus is viable, with medical support, from an obstetrics point of view). Pregnancies that terminate in pregnancy loss, biochemical pregnancies or pregnancy losses before 180 days’ gestation are not considered viable pregnancies. They do not, therefore, lead to cancellation of the guarantee programme and the contract remains valid until a definitive pregnancy is achieved.
  2. Medication for the egg donor in cases of treatment with egg donation.
  3. A personalized evaluation of each case and the studies performed before treatment, including medical consultations.
  4. Ultrasound scans, analyses, check-ups and tests needed during the treatment cycle.
  5. Strict quality criteria and good practice: no transferring over two embryos, except when deemed appropriate by the doctor due to age or other medical reasons and with the patient’s authorized consent or explicit written request.
  6. The cost of vitrification and storage of the embryos frozen during the program.
  7. All IVF laboratory processes needed to achieve the best results.
  8. The tests that are deemed necessary to optimize the final result and were not part of the initial study.

In the event of not becoming pregnant within the included treatment cycles, the patient will be refunded 100% of the fees paid for the programme.

The entire Instituto Bernabeu team is here for you and truly hopes to see your dream come true.

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