Instituto Bernabeu submits three pieces of scientific research to the FFER infertility congress in France

  • 13-09-2018

Instituto Bernabeu has submitted three items of research work to the French Federation of Reproduction Studies (FFER) Congress that will be held in the French city of Lyon between 12th and 14th September. The event will bring together over 600 experts from all over the world who will exchange information on the latest updates in fertility and reproduction.

The event’s scientific committee has selected Instituto Bernabeu’s research work entitled ‘An extensive analysis of mitochondrial DNA and its correlation with results in cycles of in vitro fertilisation (IVF)’ for an oral presentation. It will be given by Instituto Bernabeu gynaecologist, Dr Daniel Bodri. Instituto Bernabeu is a leading entity in genetics studies and its laboratory is constantly pursuing research that can later be applied to healthcare. This research in particular analysed if the difference between the quantity of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in the embryo might explain why pregnancy is achieved or not. It discovered that those with a greater mtDNA content have a decreased chance of leading to a successful pregnancy.

Instituto Bernabeu will also present two other lines of research in poster format. The research forms part of areas of study such as ovarian stimulation and gamete donation in which the clinic is a pioneer. Specifically, it addresses ‘Ovarian stimulation during the luteal phase compared with the follicular phase for poor responders: results of a randomised clinical trial’ and ‘Random start stimulation during the follicular phase in oocyte donors: results of a randomised pilot clinical trial.’


FFER 2018

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