Instituto Bernabeu reinforces safety measures against COVID by the incorporation of antigens test to all fertility patients

  • 30-10-2020

In this war against the invisible and relentless enemy, Instituto Bernabeu fights with all possible weapons to keep the highest safety and quality standards in all clinics.

We have included in the daily medical assistance the COVID-19 ultrafast antigens test procedure to give maximum safety and peace of mind to all our patients, egg donors and human staff to stop, to the extent possible, the virus spread.

This new diagnostic test detects the specific proteins, known as antigens, in the virus surface and, has a similar PCR relative reliability; accordingly, there’s no need to confirm it if the test is positive. The sample is also taken via nasopharyngeal, but less unpleasant and invasive. Furthermore, it has other advantages such as faster (results in 15 minutes), simpler and less expensive.

All 7 Instituto Bernabeu clinics in Alicante, Madrid, Mallorca, Albacete, Cartagena, Elche and Benidorm have already incorporated the SARS COVID-19 antigens test in all processes. It will be performed by the clinic’s specialised staff members on everyday basis to the assisted reproduction treatment patients (in vitro fertilization, egg donation, double donation, embryo adoption, frozen embryo transfers or egg donors), it will also be done before any surgical procedure and when possible symptoms appear.

If a positive result is obtained, treatment will be postponed until recovery, vitrifying the embryo until the person is virus free, starting again the motherhood process with the certainty of not having the disease. Furthermore, is especially efficient for those cases where the person has been in contact with an infected person.





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