Experts in reproductive health offers a strategic plan to prevent infertility starting in Primary Health Care

  • 23-10-2020

According to the specialists’ Delphy study, coordinated by Instituto Bernabeu and the UMH’s Community and Reproductive Medicine Chair, there’s a unanimous agreement to promote the reproductive planning need from adolescence and in the media. 

Experts in reproductive medicine consider necessary that doctors in primary care and the media to be involved in order to give a suitable reproductive health management. One of the main frustrations showed by patients in fertility consultation is the previous lack of awareness of all factors related with fertility loss, such as age; or knowing that their problem, worsen by time, could have been easy to solve if evaluated earlier.

Instituto Bernabeu and the Miguel Hernandez UniversityCommunity and Reproductive Medicine Chair have coordinated the Expert consensus for primary management of reproductive health: a Delphi study, published by Ireland’s Royal Academy of Medicine.

There’s a unanimous agreement among specialists in considering necessary the reproductive planning awareness promotion from high school, and not only in contraception planification. They also highlight the media role and that they should not take lightly news of pregnancies after 40 years of age.

Motherhood delay is one of the main causes on the assisted reproduction treatments increase in Spain. The study conclusions indicates the need to create a public health action plan to manage primary reproductive health.  


Expert consensus for primary management of reproductive health: a Delphi study

A. Bernabeu,C. Carratala-Munuera, J. A. Quesada, J. Llácer, A. López-Pineda, F. Sellers,V. F. Gil-Guillen, R. Bernabeu, K. Cheikh-Moussa, D. Orozco-Beltran



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