Your diet determine your fertility

June, 1st 2009

Your diet determine your fertility

As the Investigation Work done by the Instituto Bernabeu point out, and that it has been published by the prestigious scientific publication “Fertility and Sterility” regarding human fertility worldwide, foods rich in antioxidants such us fruits and vegetables, more precisely tomatoes, lettuce, apricot and peach, help to optimize the semen quality, whereas males that normaly include in their diets process meat products such as sausages and hamburgers, will suffer a greater semen alteration.

In the work published by the Instituto Bernabeu Group in the “Fertility and Sterility” US magazine, in reference to human fertility, it has been proved by the Alicante medical team, that diet determine male fertility.

The article “Food intake and its relationship with semen quality: a case-control study”, vol.91 nº3 March 2009, lead by Instituto Bernabeu together with the Reproductive Medicine Chair at Miguel Hernández University, the Cartagena University and Murcia University, in charge of the statitical processing.

The study was done with two samples, one from males with altered sperm quality and the other from males with nomozoospermia or normal quality.

We did compare the live habits (toxics consumption, smoking, alcohol intake …) and dietetic habits. While there were not found differences in the live habits, in the diet we will found the key for this work. The patients that had a good semen quality normaly consume a greater quantity of fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidants, such as tomatoes, letucce, peaches and apricots.

On the other hand, process meat products such as sausages and hamburgers were consume in greater quantity by patients with altered semen quality.

This study is related to the one previously published about xenobiotics as endocrine disruptors that altered when we are foetus, the organogenesis od the male and female organs, that at the same time altered, in the future, the production of oocytes and spermatozoids.

As the study final conclusion, the Instituto Bernabeu of Alicante, points out the importance of an adecuate diet rich in fruits an vegetables, to help having a good semen quality.

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