Instituto Bernabeu presents in the Worldwide Online Congress a study to improve the pregnancy rates in patients with hypercontractility

April, 5th 2023

Instituto Bernabeu presents in the Worldwide Online Congress a study to improve the pregnancy rates in patients with hypercontractility

Dr Belen Moliner, head of the Endometriosis Unit and expert in high-definition ultrasound at Instituto Bernabeu, has participated in the seventh Worldwide Online Congress meeting, held from March 31st to April 1st to address the role of uterine contractions in embryo implantation.

Dr Moliner, a specialist in high-definition radiodiagnosis at IB, gave a talk on her recent research into uterine contractility and its influence on assisted reproduction treatments. She explains that the uterus contracts, and this contraction is necessary to perform its function correctly during the menstrual cycle. She points out that we also know, from previous studies, that uterine contractility on the transfer day is very important. “We know that wombs with more contractions have worse prognosis, a lower pregnancy rate due to the rejection effect this contractility can cause” explains the expert. In fact, aware of its importance and to confirm the impact in pregnancy rates outcomes, Instituto Bernabeu is performing, since 2017, uterine contraction measurements on the embryo transfer day, obtaining important results.


“We have been able to establish what we call hypercontractility, a risk factor for patients that helps us define the pregnancy’s real possibilities”. This information can help us improve treatments for those who suffer from this problem. “We can apply treatments to inhibit uterine contractions the day of the embryo transfer”, explained the Instituto Bernabeu’s expert during her participation in this important international congress.

4D for implantation failure

Among the researches carried out by Dr Moliner, one of the most recent reveals the importance of performing an ultrasound study to evaluate the contractions in patients with embryo implantation failure; which is why highly professional use of 4D ultrasound measurement tools is essential. The studies performed in the clinic have revealed that the greater the uterus contractions are on the embryo transfer day, the lower the chance of achieving pregnancy, stresses the Instituto Bernabeu expert.  

This study is related to a previous one carried out by Dr Moliner in which it was found that patients with progesterone low levels suffer more contractions. This information is of great importance as it allows to individualise a patient’s treatment knowing her contractions and her progesterone levels.

Sharing scientific advances and being able to contribute to each patient’s treatment improvement is one of Instituto Bernabeu’s objectives. This is materialised in the appearance of our team at the main scientific congresses and meetings.

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