We are open for your needs: gynecology, fertility or pregnancy

  • 31-03-2020

Sometimes, gynecological health requirements or pregnancy needs do not know of confinements and cannot wait, that is why we have especially enabled a few hours to be able to attend to your needs in person. You can carry out gynecological, fertility and pregnancy follow up consultations, as well as diagnostic or laboratory tests that may be required for a correct diagnosis.

Our team of highly qualified professionals is at your disposal in person at our clinics in the areas with the lowest rate of infection of Covid 19. (Rate of infection per 100,000 inhabitants; Baleares 87, Murcia 63, Valencian Community 102 as of 30 of March).

For the safety of our patients and colleagues, all control measures continue to be maintained before entering the facilities. Appointments are spaced at least every 40/50 minutes per appointment in order to allow for proper cleaning and to avoid patient contact.

Request your appointment in the Instituto Bernabeu Alicante, Palma de Mallorca or Cartagena clinics.  

More information here.