• 07-04-2015
The Genetic and Reproductive Counseling conference organized by Instituto Bernabeu was a success after gathering the most prominent national speakers in the field and reaching full capacity.

The conference was held on Saturday the 28th of March, and demonstrated how the paradigm shift in assisted reproduction has taken the concept of "child at home" to "healthy child at home" through reproductive and genetic counseling.

The novelty of this emerging discipline within Obstetrics and Gynecology is preventing the most serious and often incurable diseases for the progeny through a genetic multidisciplinary approach by professionals in the field of medicine and biology.

This counseling is aimed at couples with reproductive problems, but also fertile couples who desire the previous advice of their pregnancy to minimize the risk of children born with these diseases.

At Instituto Bernabeu we have all the tools to conduct a complete assessment from the Reproductive and Genetic Counseling Unit.

Jornada Asesoramiento Reproductivo y Genético. Instituto Bernabeu