Rafael Bernabeu Social Fund closes 2020 keeping its firm commitment with society

  • 23-12-2020

Rafael Bernabeu Social Fund has maintained its commitment to society in a particularly difficult year where the global pandemic is being devastating. Instituto Bernabeu Social Fund closes 2020, keeping firm the pillars that sustains it, the social, educational, cultural, scientific nature and the promotion of research. Even with the limitations that the pandemic and the confinement have caused, by forcing congresses, scientific meetings and all those acts involving gatherings to be suspended. The organization of courses in most of the cases has been carried out and is carried out online.



Within the three main lines of action of the Fund, health has a special place, offering couples with limited resources financial assistance to access reproductive medicine treatments and especially in cases that require preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD/PGT) to avoid transmitting serious diseases of which they are carriers to their children. This year the Fund has made couples with especially complicated realities benefit from this help.

In addition, the Fund has reaffirmed its commitment with entities such as the Confederation of Physical and Organic Disabled (Cocemfe), with the signing of an agreement that offers advantages in treatments to its associates and that facilitates access to early diagnosis and prevention of genetic diseases.

In turn, the Fund maintains intact the program of free egg freezing for women with cancer and whose fertility can be compromised by treatments to cure themselves.



Some of the intrinsic activities of the Rafael Bernabeu Fund are its participation in conferences and scientific events. This year, their support has been diminished with the cancellation of most of the meetings and others have been held virtually over the internet. Despite it all, the research work has remained constant, since the advancement of science is the support for the development and improvement of the treatments that Instituto Bernabeu applies to its patients.


NGO’s Support

Rafael Bernabeu Fund maintains firm financial support to NGOs whose work with women, the underprivileged and children allow us to build a better world. In 2020, Social Fund has delivered more than 30,000 euros to support non-profit organizations such as Nazaret, the Jesuit Foundation of Father Fontova; Children's Villages; Foundation 1000: Congenital Defects; the Foundation Noray-Proyecto Hombre and Ayuda en Acción.


Annual Summary 2020

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