Online fertility consultations with video conferencing, so that isolation doesn’t stop your life plans

  • 02-04-2020

We know that there are things that cannot wait, and distance and isolation should not be an obstacle. We offer you online fertility consultation, hand in hand with our specialists in the most advanced reproductive medicine. If it is not possible to see each other in person, through personalized attention via videoconference, you can carry out your first fertility appointment online or prepare the next steps of your case if you are already a patient. New technologies bring us closer and help us move forward with our personal goals.

In this appointment, as in the usual face-to-face consultation, you can ask all your questions and share your thoughts. Your specialist gynecologist will assess the documentation sent previously, study your medical history and background, as well as that of your partner, offering you a personalized diagnosis, with the aim of saving time for when in-person care activity is fully reactivated.

In addition, if you require any type of diagnostic test, you can visit our laboratories or send us the sample for study.

This type of medical appointment by videoconference has been common for years at Instituto Bernabeu, to facilitate communication for patients who, for various reasons, cannot travel to the clinic, with highly satisfactory results.

Let’s not let isolation slow down our life plans!

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