Instituto Bernabeu will present 5 research papers at Fertility 2017: the british fertility society congress’

  • 05-01-2017

Instituto Bernabeu will participate from the 5th to the 7th of January to Fertility 2017: the British Fertility Society Congress’ , that will take place in Edinburgh and will be attended by our clinic researchers like every year. Instituto Bernabeu in this medical meeting, will present five research papers: which are the result of the constant research working together with patient care. The research papers will be presented by the Institute Medical Director: Dr. Rafael Bernabeu, the reproductive biologist Jorge Ten, the biologist Jaime Guerrero, and the molecular biologist Belén Lledó.

The papers that will be presented to the meeting in Edinburgh are: "Evaluation of a total freezing strategy", "Comparative ovarian induction study with biosimilar rFSH or  purified urinary FSH", "Androgenic receptors genotyping: a promising tool to identify those patients who could take advantage from treatment with androgens", “Risk genetic factors multilocus for poor ovarian response", and "Risk of pregnancy loss or viable aneuploidy in blastocysts not analysed by CCS (Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening)".



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