Instituto Bernabeu uses next-generation sequencing to understand unknown causes of infertility

  • 27-01-2020

The genetics laboratory at Instituto Bernabeu is using next-generation sequencing to find out what is behind unknown causes of sterility. In 2020, Instituto Bernabeu will continue with work on the research into this subject that it started in 2018. Instituto Bernabeu points out that next-generation sequencing can be used to work out what causes sterility when other conventional clinical diagnoses techniques cannot.

The clinic is currently undertaking a project on use of genetic sequencing techniques to determine what is at the root of unknown causes of sterility and to focus on personalised treatment with pharmaceutical drugs in order to help couples overcome their infertility issues.

Next-generation sequencing techniques can obtain information from multiple genes in just one test by studying possible variants and even identifying other unknown ones. Instituto Bernabeu has access to a huge amount of data and can, therefore, link genes and variants to different pathologies associated with infertility.

Instituto Bernabeu SL has received support for the project from IVACE, the entity responsible for business competitiveness in Valencia. The project is entitled Use of next-generation sequencing techniques to determine the causes of sterility with an unknown cause (file: IMACPA/2019/25). The support was granted as part of the Certifica-CV R&D&I Certification programme for 2019. The programme benefits from European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) financial support (50%) through the 2014-2020 Valencian Community FEDER operational programme.


 Instituto Bernabeu uses next-generation sequencing to understand unknown causes of infertility