Instituto Bernabeu participates in the training course for pelvic floor specialists run by Castilla La Mancha University

  • 23-10-2018

In addition to its patient treatment, healthcare and research work, teaching is part of Instituto Bernabeu’s DNA. This month, Instituto Bernabeu will participate in a postgraduate course run by Castilla La Mancha University for pelvic floor specialists. The course is aimed at physical medicine and rehabilitation experts in order to give them a comprehensive view of pelvic floor pathologies.

María Antonia López Rubio, an expert in reproductive medicine at Instituto Bernabeu in Albacete, has participated in the wide-ranging framework of this specialisation course. She has given several modules on gynaecology and obstetrics applied to rehabilitation as well as practical workshops. Instituto Bernabeu has also given a workshop on reproductive medicine. The aim is to give students a comprehensive understanding of the field.

Over the course of several training sessions, the Instituto Bernabeu gynaecologist addressed abnormalities caused by the menopause or basic gynaecological checks. In another session with students, she focussed on prolapses. Another set of classes addressed vaginitis and treatment of vulvovaginitis.

In another part of the course, María Antonia López addressed childbirth and explained aspects of giving birth such as episiotomies, pushing and foetal positions. Another of the subjects covered by the Instituto Bernabeu Albacete specialist was perineal tears. 

Instituto Bernabeu in Albacete has played an active role in Castilla La Mancha society since it opened in the region’s capital city in 2015. It has close collaboration and research links with the university and medical and scientific institutions.

Formación para especialistas en suelo pélvico de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha