Instituto Bernabeu invites people from Alicante to attend the latest edition of its Tribute to Women Concert

  • 17-02-2016

The Rafael Bernabeu Foundation (the Instituto Bernabeu social welfare programme) is once again organising a concert to celebrate International Women's Day. The event will take place at 20:00h next Tuesday, 8th March in the Symphonic Room at the Provincial Auditorium in Alicante (ADDA)

The peculiarity of this year's edition is that the repertoire will be given in its entirety by students from the Oscar Esplá Advanced Music Conservatory in Alicante. In asking them to do so, Instituto Bernabeu wishes to reward the effort these young musicians make and help them along in their career.

As is the case with all Rafael Bernabeu Foundation events, the concert will be free of charge. Entrance tickets are necessary. Tickets may be picked up from any branch of Instituto Bernabeu.

View the programme.

For further information, call 965 15 40 00

Rafael Bernabeu Foundation - Tribute to Women Concert