Dr. Bernabeu and Dr. Ten participation at the VI International Symposium on Assisted Reproduction

  • 24-11-2014
A few days ago it was held the VI International Symposium on Assisted Reproduction, organized by the Tambre Madrid clinic. On Wednesday, November 12th, Dr. Jorge Ten presented a talk titled, "Choosing the best embryo: Present and Future" in the module "Advances in the Reproduction Laboratory". The conference sought to provide a comprehensive and critical aproach to embryo selection tools we have at present. It was divided into five sections: classic morphological and kinetic criteria, morfocinéticos criteria (time-lapse), over cultivation, and metabolomic profile CCS blastocyst. Meanwhile, on Thursday, November 13th, Dr. Bernabeu chaired the session where they were addressed and discussed applications of genetics in reproduction and moderated the topics "free nucleic acids as biomarkers in non-invasive IVF outcomes" and "differences in gene expression in patients and donors."

Instituto Bernabeu