An Event on Nursing and Reproductive Medicine aimed at students, nurses and midwives organised by Instituto Bernabeu in Cartagena

  • 11-11-2016

Instituto Bernabeu organised a free nursing and reproductive medicine training event which was aimed at student nurses, practising nurses, midwives and experts in the field as a whole. It was held on 10th November at the Santa Maria del Rossell University General Hospital and there were around one hundred attendees. The event was one more step in the training programme designed to provide healthcare professionals with a specific understanding of reproductive health and is part of the on-going training which Instituto Bernabeu provides and which is financed by the Rafael Bernabeu Welfare Foundation.

An understanding of how to deal with and work with the mechanisms for providing support in such situations is essential for healthcare professionals and specialised training is vital in order to build upon existing knowledge and for obtaining first-hand information on latest developments.

Rafael Bernabeu, the Medical Director of the Bernabeu Group, gave the first presentation, entitled Human Fertility in the 21st Century, in which he focused on the increasingly greater need for healthcare experts to train in reproductive medicine issues. The Academic Director of the School of Nursing at the University of Cartagena, Dr Manuel Avilés, the School of Nursing's Technical Director, Maria Lourdes Cantero, Dr Carolina Tovar, gynaecologist at Instituto Bernabeu in Cartagena and the Director of the Egg Donation Unit at Instituto Bernabeu, Jaime Guerrero, also took participating roles.

Instituto Bernabeu