New IB Unit for the Diagnosis and Reproductive Treatment of Asherman's Syndrome

  • 19-06-2012

"Treatment tailored to real needs". Under this basis, inherent in the way we work and care for our patients, we have designed into the Instituto Bernabeu unit implantation failure and repeat miscarriage a specific department to address symptoms of this rare disease that causes many reproductive issued for the patients who suffer from it.

  This technical team has been designed to offer an individualized approach for each case, due to the fact that prognosis for a successful treatment with Asherman's syndrome varies and depends on the degree which the endometrial cavity is affected. Its aim is to determine a realistic prognosis for treatment and to offer specialized reproductive advice.

Get more information on our webpage dedicated to the "Unit for the Treatment of Asherman's Syndrome" or the "foroIB" this week which is about this condition.


Instituto Bernabeu

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