Instituto Bernabeu presents the use of a device for reducing the number of injections during ovarian stimulation at the congress held by the Association for the Study of Reproduction Biology

  • 11-10-2017

At the 9th edition of the Association for the Study of Reproduction Biology (ASEBIR) Congress to be held in Madrid between 15th and 17th November, Instituto Bernabeu will present the results obtained when evaluating a new means of administering drugs during ovarian stimulation that reduces the number of injections required. Ovarian stimulation is an important step during assisted reproduction treatment (ART) and it requires preparation using medication that is injected on a daily basis. One common concern amongst patients is precisely the injections that they will need to have and, in some cases, it is a question of insurmountable fear.

Aiming to simplify treatment and reduce patient discomfort, the reproductive medicine clinic has carried out research using the i-Port Advance®, Medtronic device that acts as an injection port and reduces the number of injections needed. Stimulation requires an average of 12.5 injections compared with only 3.3 when this device is used because it is changed every three days.

The i-Port is routinely used in diabetics who require insulin injections and consists of a flexible cannula that remains under the skin and through which drugs can be administered, thus avoiding the need to use a needle.

Instituto Bernabeu has proven the efficiency of the device during an initial trial with 16 egg donors. They had previously undergone ovarian stimulation treatment with injections and then later tried the i-Port. On making a comparison between the two, the women highlighted less discomfort than with the subcutaneous injections.One of the other notable advantages is the fact that the medication administered and the number of oocytes retrieved were similar.


Evaluación de una nueva vía de administración de fármacos en la estimulación ovárica que minimiza el número de inyecciones

J. Guerrero, J. Ten, A. Rodríguez Arnedo, R. Bernabeu



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