Instituto Bernabeu organizes the meeting "Feel that you love me" to address gynaecological cancer with testimonials and experts

  • 06-10-2017

The clinic maintains its egg freezing program free of charge to preserve fertility in affected women who must undergo chemotherapy.

Sensitive to social causes for years, Instituto Bernabeu has been involved one more year in the awareness month of Breast Cancer. Under the title, "Feel that you love me" Instituto Bernabeu Foundation organizes a day, Tuesday 24th October, to address gynaecological cancer with patient’s testimonies and experts opinions. The talk begins at six o'clock in the Reproductive Medicine Clinic’s Auditorium to bring the general public closer to the reality of gynaecological cancer. Gynaecologists and psychologists will expose their experience in detecting and treating patients, and the clinic will have a real case of coping with and overcoming the disease. The objective is to deepen and get a closer look at gynaecological cancer and to hear first-hand how professionals live it, while knowing positive experiences of overcoming the disease.

Registration is free here and attendance is limited to the seating capacity of the auditorium.

Instituto Bernabeu will provide to all those attending with the decalogue "Feel that you love me", a book with 10 tips to help a person with cancer from an emotional point of view; a guide that can also be downloaded from the web itself.

For years, Instituto Bernabeu through its Charitable Foundation has maintained a commitment to women suffering from cancer and offers free egg freezing programmes to preserve their fertility after chemotherapy. The program is active throughout the year.

Download decalogue


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