Conference to be given at ESHRE:”Assessment quality of life in cross-border patients using the new tool

  • 28-06-2010

Tomorrow afternoon, on the 29th of June, Dr Joaquín Llácer will be a keynote speaker at the 26th annual ESHRE conference (European Fertility Conference) with his research paper "Assessment quality of life in cross-border patients using the new tool "fertiqol" at 17:00 in Hall 10, room B of the "fiera de Roma" building.

The further research papers have been accepted from our group:

-How we could rescue undocumented embryos with a common paternity test?
Rodríguez-Arnedo, A., Ten, J., Guerrero, J., Lledó, B., Carracedo, M.A., Ortiz J. A., Llácer, J., Bernabeu. R.

-Sperm DNA fragmentation is not associated with assisted reproductive outcome
Joaquín Llácer, Jorge Ten, Belén Lledó, Adoración Rodríguez-Arnedo, Ruth Morales and Rafael Bernabeu.


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