Conference on Updates on Prenatal Diagnosis: Advances in Genetics

  • 08-05-2014
On the 10th of May it will take place at Instituto Bernabeu of Alicante a refresher course aimed for gynecologists, pediatricians and geneticists whose purpose is focused on the new updates in the embryo and / or fetus genetics for obstetric diagnosis, applied to pose less invasion and more information for better diagnosis.
The event is sponsored by the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society), AEGH (Spanish Association of Human Genetics) and ASEBIR (Association for the Study of Reproductive Biology) and the collaboration of Merck Serono Laboratories.
As usual, the training courses organized by Instituto Bernabeu, are subsidized by the Foundation (Charitable Foundation Rafael Bernabeu), requiring prior registration and confirmation from the organization given the limited capacity of the auditorium.


Instituto Bernabeu

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