Updates in andrology and male fertility

  • 03-01-2017

On 12th January 2017, from half past four in the afternoon, Instituto Bernabeu will hold an Updates in Andrology and Male Fertility event in the clinic's auditorium.

The event includes seven presentations covering different aspects of the aforementioned specialities ranging from purely clinical aspects and new medical techniques through to the legal side of the use and preservation of spermatozoa.

This Update event will open with a presentation on the use of cryopreservation to preserve fertility in prepubescent children and the future of this technique; review the techniques used in surgical recovery of spermatozoa from testicles; sexual dysfunction; the genetic cause of male sterility; and the relationship between urological pathologies and male fertility. The Medical Director at Instituto Bernabeu, Dr Rafael Bernabeu, will bring the Update event to a close with a presentation on Counselling for Couples with Serious Issues in the Male Partner. 





Update on Andrology and Male Fertility

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