The Rafael Bernabeu Foundation presents 15,000 euros in scholarships to six top medicine, nursing and biotechnology students

  • 30-10-2018

The President of the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation and Medical Director of Instituto Bernabeu presented six scholarships for a total amount of 15,000 euros to students with excellent academic results and limited financial resources in order to help them continue with their studies. Within the framework of its commitment to society, the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation awarded scholarships worth 2,500 euros each to six medicine, nursing and biotechnology university students in order to cover the cost of fees and study material.

Three scholarship were awarded to Ciudad Real Campus University of Castilla La Mancha students: Natalia Arance Romero, a student in her fourth year of medicine; and Laura Flores Carrasco and Marta Arellano Andrade, both of whom are studying their third year of nursing. Two of the students awarded the scholarships study at UMH. One of them is Marina Planelles Ripoll, a second year medicine student, and the other is María del Carmen Gómez Muñoz, a fourth year biotechnology student. Lina Guillén Adsuar, a fourth year nursing student at the University of Alicante, was also awarded a scholarship.

Video recording of the event

The nature of the Rafael Bernabeu Social Welfare Foundation is social, educational, cultural and scientific. It also promotes research. Its aims include supporting and helping people with limited financial resources to access reproductive medicine treatment and awarding scholarships. It also organises training courses and has collaboration agreements with academic and medical institutions in order to promote biomedical research.

All the students expressed their gratitude for the helping hand they had been given and highlighted that it was their reward for hard work.


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