The Bar Association of Madrid invites our geneticists to participate in its training event on paternity tests

  • 24-10-2017

The Bar Association of Madrid requested the intervention of expert geneticists from Instituto Bernabeu in its event on paternity tests, a gathering of scientists and lawyers held on 23rd October at the bar association's headquarters. Molecular biologist and biochemist, Mr. José Antonio Ortiz, participated on behalf of Instituto Bernabeu, which recently opened its sixth clinic in Madrid. The scientist covered the technical side of a test that is routinely carried out at Instituto Bernabeu. The clinic is a pioneer in the use of this technique based on comparing the child's genetic profile with that of the potential father.

The President of Section 8 of the Court of Appeal of Madrid, Mr. Jesús Gavilán López, covered the legal side of biological identification and its use in civil and penal domains. The judge highlighted the importance in civil domains of clarifying parentage, identity and biological relationships. He also pointed out the advantage to lawyers of understanding the technical bases supporting their work should they ever need to turn to this test, as well as understanding what the test entails and how it is carried out.


Training event on paternity tests

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