Strategies for a new ovarian stimulation after unsuccessful treatment: new publication

  • 05-01-2015
It has been recently published the 20th volume of the journal "Journal of Reproductive Medicine" a recent study by the Instituto Bernabeu addressing multidisciplinary strategies to cope with a new treatment when the previous one has been unsuccessful. New designs to increase the number of oocytes, especially in patients with poor ovarian response. To improve the percentage of mature oocytes preventing follicular asynchrony and to improve the embryo quality are, among others, the objectives that arise when taking into account the previous information.

“Strategies for a new ovarian stimulation after an unsuccessful IVF treatment”. J. Llácer, L. Luque, J C. Castillo y R. Bernabeu “Journal of Reproductive Medicine” 20th Volume. No. 3. 2014

Instituto Bernabeu

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