New: Specialized care for high-risk pregnancy subunit

  • 03-09-2012

The Instituto Bernabeu Pregnancy and Obstetric Department has created a sub-specialization with professionals and specific treatment protocols for a comprehensive approach of high-risk pregnancy patients.

The new subunit has the most modern technological equipment, also highly trained and qualified professionals in this branch of obstetrics.

This new sub-specialization is directed to pregnant women who, for various reasons, might have a considerable risk of spoiling their pregnancy:

  • - Previous mothers pathology or chronic disease such as diabetes, uterine malformation, overweight or underweight, heart disease, etc
  • - Previous unfavorable pregnancy background (repeated abortions, intrauterine fetal death, preterm labor, etc)
  • - Fetal-placental causes appeared in the course of pregnancy: multiple pregnancy, slow growth or placental insufficiency, etc)

We also consider, although they are not strictly cataloged on this group, that most IVF treatment patients required a greater control during pregnancy, not only for being considered very desire babies as well as most of the time are related to higher gestational age or other gynecologic pathologies.

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