Investment during a pandemic. Instituto Bernabeu installs 11 time-lapse incubators at its branches in order to monitor embryos and increase pregnancy rates

  • 07-01-2021

Precisely because times are tough, now is the right time to invest. Instituto Bernabeu has decided not to put scientific progress on hold as it waits for better times to come. Every day is an opportunity to continue striving for excellence. Progress is a means of obtaining optimum courses of treatment to combat infertility. In order to achieve this, investment in the very best and latest ground-breaking technology is essential.

The Instituto Bernabeu Group has recently installed eleven Geri time lapse incubators at its Alicante, Madrid, Mallorca and Albacete branches, in addition to at its international branch in Venice. This is the very latest technology and it is incredibly precise.

Each piece of equipment includes six independent and personalised incubators with a storage capacity of up to sixteen embryos from a single patient. Powerful microscopes monitor embryo development up until blastocyst stage. Medical team members can observe development in real time using video footage. The system means that personalised development of each embryo can be monitored without this having any impact at all on culture conditions. Scheduled observations entailing removing the embryo in order to observe it under the microscope are no longer necessary.

It is possible to check development conditions in real time in order to choose the most appropriate time for transfer to the mother's uterus. Cryopreservation, or detecting the exact time for taking a biopsy, is necessary for detecting chromosomal and/or genetic abnormalities using the PGD/PGT technique. Furthermore, it improves culture conditions so that the embryo can reach blastocyst stage. In addition, by selecting and transferring the embryo with the best implantation capacity, multiple pregnancies can be avoided.

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