Instituto Bernabeu will lecture on poor ovarian response in a refresher course at the Vall d’Hebrón Hospital

  • 22-02-2018

The Instituto Bernabeu clinic will participate in a refresher course on reproductive medicine further to invitation by the Vall d’Hebrón Hospital which is organising an event for experts in the field in order to cover latest progress in obstetrics and reproduction. Dr Andrea Bernabeu, a gynaecologist at the reproductive medicine clinic, will deliver the 'Stimulation in low responder patients' class, a subject in which the reproductive medicine clinic is a pioneer and on which it has a successful line of research. The Vall d’Hebrón event will bring specialists together in Sant Fruitós del Bages in Barcelona and, amongst other subjects, will deal with recurrent pregnancy loss and the controversies surrounding assisted reproduction.

Dr Bernabeu will lecture on the innovations used by the clinic in order to help patients with poor ovarian response, one of the lines of research work being carried out at Instituto Bernabeu, a leading clinic in research on this subject. The clinic is the first in Spain to have a Poor Ovarian Response Unit and in 2016 it took a huge step forward by achieving recognition of the genes involved in ovarian reserve. This means that patients' medication can be personalised and treatment can be optimised using IBGen IVF.

Course on reproductive medicine further

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