Instituto Bernabeu speaks to future biotechnologists at Miguel Hernández University about their role in reproductive medicine

  • 12-03-2020

Instituto Bernabeu and the role of its genetics and molecular biology laboratory have been used to instruct biotechnology students at Miguel Hernández University (UMH) about the day-to-day demands of their future profession. The talk took place within the framework of the 8th Employment in Biotechnology event, to which the clinic was invited.

Paqui Lozano, a biochemist at Instituto Bernabeu, spoke about her own professional experience and detailed her trajectory in order to explain the work and role that professionals play in reproductive medicine clinics. Paqui Lozano began as a researcher at the university and then moved on to a career in Biotech. She gave the students a global overview of the tasks that are undertaken at the clinic. The expert from Instituto Bernabeu also instructed the students on the different types of laboratories - in vitro fertilisation, genetics and andrology - at Instituto Bernabeu.

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