Instituto Bernabeu obtains Quality Clinic status on the Autonomous Community of Valencia Health Clinic Official Register

  • 06-05-2019

Instituto Bernabeu has been included as a Quality Clinic on the Autonomous Community of Valencia Official Register of Health Clinics. This means that the clinic has been included on the Autonomous Community of Valencia Register of Quality Certifications for Health Clinics, Services and Establishments. It covers, on the one hand, the ISO 9001:2015 certification that the clinic was awarded in January 2016 for ‘Provision of assisted reproduction clinic healthcare, gynaecology consultations and pregnancy control. Performing molecular biology, andrology laboratory, semen bank, oocyte bank and embryo bank activities.’ On the other, the Autonomous Community Register has added UNE-EN 179006:2013 for ‘Management of patient safety risks’, awarded in December 2015.

Ever since the Instituto Bernabeu Group, which has seven clinics located in Alicante, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Cartagena, Albacete, Elche and Benidorm, opened its doors it has prioritised quality in all its processes and this has contributed towards recognition as a leading entity in the field of reproductive medicine. Commitment and quality are part of the institution's DNA in order to provide patients with optimum quality healthcare and improve each and every day.

Elena García Llopis, Quality Manager at Instituto Bernabeu, points out that, since 2006, the clinic has been awarded national and international recognitions and that these accreditations are applicable to all Instituto Bernabeu Group branches and departments.

Instituto Bernabeu Centro de Calidad

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