Instituto Bernabeu and the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, are organising the third edition of the Master's Course in Male Infertility

  • 17-10-2018

Instituto Bernabeu and the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Castilla La Mancha (UCLM) are organising the 3rd edition of the Master’s Course in Male Infertility that will be given at UCLM and at the reproductive medicine clinic. The aim is to broaden knowledge of reproductive medicine and the focus will be on the issues that men have when trying to conceive and the fact that this factor is equally as significant as infertility in women.

This specialist training course that was launched three years ago and stems from collaboration between Instituto Bernabeu and UCLM is aimed at students with further education studies and graduates in Biotechnology, Medicine, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Studies and Environmental Studies.

The third edition of the Master's Course in Male Infertility will begin on 2nd November, 2018 and will end on 30th July, 2019. The course will include classroom and distance classes and it will place a lot of emphasis on practical exercises. The latter will take place in the Faculty of Pharmacy laboratory, the UCLM reproduction biology laboratory and the laboratory at Instituto Bernabeu in Albacete. Students will also have additional activities including seminars and lectures.

The master's course will address male urology, andrology and endocrinology; diagnosis techniques and semen storage; human genetics and molecular biology techniques and genetics applied to male fertility or analyses of the sterile partner, amongst other subjects, and will do so in great detail.

III Máster en Infertilidad Masculina

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