IBBiotech research into the genetic variants associated with ovarian response is championed in the Pharmacogenetics and Genomics Journal

  • 08-10-2019

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics, a specialist journal, recently published Instituto Bernabeu research work into ovarian reserve and pharmacogenetics, a subject in which the clinic is a leading entity and pioneer. The research was managed by Dr Belén Lledó, Scientific Director of Instituto Bernabeu Biotech, and it addressed the relevance of individual screening of the genetic variants in terms of ovarian response prediction. The aim was to determine if the polymorphisms in some genes involved in ovarian follicle maturation can predict ovarian response.

The study involved working with ova donors who were all treated using the same stimulation protocol. The genotypes that were obtained were compared with the results of the ovarian stimulation. The researchers discovered that the polymorphisms in the ESR1 and AMHR2 genes are associated with the number of oocytes that are retrieved and also to stimulation data.

In their conclusions, the researchers at Instituto Bernabeu suggest that the polymorphisms in the genes in key reproductive hormone receptors could be used to predict ovarian response and, as such, personalise stimulation before commencing treatment.


IB Biotech

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