Embryo biopsy in blastocyst provides greater safety and reliability of diagnosis

  • 10-05-2016

Embryo biopsy in blastocyst stage for aneuploidy screening (CCS) has been proven to be safe for the embryo and provide improved diagnostic reliability. Embryo biopsy can be carried out on day 5 of development or on day 6 in the case of embryos with a slower development pattern. Earlier research indicated that embryos present different morphokinetic parameters depending on if they are XX or XY. The aim of this piece of research work, which was carried out exclusively by Instituto Bernabeu, was to confirm if there are differences in terms of the sex ratio of embryos biopsied on day 5 and on day 6.

After having evaluated a total of 1,043 biopsied embryos, it was concluded that carrying out a biopsy on day 5 or 6 of development within a CCS programme, does not affect the proportion of XX or XY sex embryos that may be transferred. Therefore, the possibility of modifying the sex ratio in future children as a result of having carried out CCS, is negligible.

This research, led by Dr Dori Rodríguez, has been accepted as an oral communication for the 31st SEF Congress due to be held in Malaga between the 19th and 21st May.


THE EMBRYO SEX RATIO IS NOT ALTERED IN EMBRYOS BIOPSIED ON DAY 5 AND DAY 6 OF DEVELOPMENT. A. Rodriguez, J. Ten, J.A. Ortiz, J. Guerrero, Mª.C. Tió, J. Llacer, R.Bernabeu. 

Biopsy of blastocyst stage embryos

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