Gynaecologist Andrea Bernabeu manages the workshop on personalised treatment in an event on reproductive medicine held in Valencia

  • 06-11-2018

Andrea Bernabeu, a gynaecologist at Instituto Bernabeu, coordinated the Personalisation and Individualisation of Reproductive Medicine Treatment workshop held in Valencia. Dr Bernabeu was part of a group of experts who participated in the 3rd edition of the Clinical Workshops on Reproductive Medicine. Specialists from different clinics shared their knowledge and updates based on scientific and clinical evidence. The aim was to improve approaches to patients. 

Dr Bernabeu highlights the importance of personalising treatment as a means of improving individualised approaches to each patient. This is, furthermore, one of the rules of conduct for the healthcare that Instituto Bernabeu gives its patients.

The gathering of specialists was held on 26th and 27th October and included five workshops. As well as personalisation, the workshops also dealt with PGS, reproductive surgery, oocyte donations and implantation failure.

Dr Bernabeu was accompanied by a further three gynaecologists from the clinic who also participated in the workshops - Dr Belén Moliner, Dr Ana Fuentes and Dr Juan Carlos Castillo - as well as Dr Jorge Ten, Director of the Embryology Unit.

Dra Andrea Bernabeu

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