Dr Jorge Ten joins a workshop on embryo culture held in Valencia

  • 17-09-2019

Dr Jorge Ten, Manager of the Embryology Unit at Instituto Bernabeu, will participate today, Tuesday 17th September, in a CooperSurgical workshop held in Valencia and entitled ‘Experiences using LifeGlobal Total LP (5mg) Culture Media’. The event on embryo culture brings together embryology managers so that they can present their experience and most recent results with this embryo culture and transfer medium.

Instituto Bernabeu takes great care regarding the medium in which embryos develop over their first few days of existence. It is one of the essential links in the chain for ensuring that they are viable and capable of implanting in the mother's uterus. Over time, the solutions have altered and improved in order to make them as similar as possible to the natural environment in which they develop. They are designed such that they meet the metabolic and nutritional needs of embryos in each phase of development.

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