Dr Andrea Bernabeu participates in a symposium on the role of family medicine in detecting infertility

  • 13-11-2018

Dr Andrea Bernabeu, a gynaecologist at Instituto Bernabeu, participated in the ‘Family Medicine: the present, the past and the future’ symposium held on 26th October. It was organised within the framework of the 36th National Congress of Medicine Students (CNEM), 14th international edition, held in Alicante between 24th and 26th October. This collaboration falls within the framework of the Instituto Bernabeu and Miguel Hernández University (UMH) Chair of Reproductive and Community Medicine. One of the main objectives of the Chair is to ensure primary prevention of infertility and to provide general practitioners, gynaecologists and the general population with information on fertility. 

Dr Bernabeu highlights the fact that, in the event, experts addressed the role of the family doctor, a professional who is increasingly involved in female reproductive health. As such, using certain indicators and data such as age and other factors like family background that have had an impact on fertility (for example, premature menopause), family doctors can perform effective diagnosis and refer the patient early on to a specialist so that she can obtain the best possible prognosis. One of the aims of the round table included “passing this concern on to family doctors who perform the first patient filter and who are aware of an individual’s particular characteristics.”

CNEM 2018

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