La Fondation

The Charitable Foundation Rafael Bernabeu is a social, educational, cultural and scientific-orientated institution promoting research. Its main objective is to support those who encounter difficulties affording a treatment of reproductive medicine and to facilitate access to grants and to organise training courses. A further goal is the establishment of collaboration agreements with academic and medical institutions to promote biomedical research.

Since its foundation, Instituto Bernabeu has been immensely sensitive to social issues. From the mid-eighties the institute has devoted a part of its resources to this type of work which has steadily grown as the clinic itself has grown.

True to this commitment Charitable Foundation Rafael Bernabeu was founded in January 2007 to give weight and an official nature to the growing number of activities being undertaken.

For Instituto Bernabeu, Social Responsibility is an obligation. That is why through the Charitable Foundation Rafael Bernabeu, an amount greater than 0,7% of total billing is dedicated to charitable social, health and teaching activities.

Our patients and all the staff who make up the IB group play a major role in this support which is re-invested back into the very society which has allowed us all to develop and to which in turn we give back the help and support we have received.

The work of the Charitable Foundation Rafael Bernabeu can be encompassed in three types of activities:

  • Healthcare: Economic help for couples with low incomes which makes access to assisted reproduction treatments impossible and, more specifically, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis treatments which are required for couples who are carriers of a hereditary illness and want to avoid that their offspring is born with that illness.
  • Education: Women & Society International Forum; Under- and postgraduate grants, Support of biomedical research, Sponsoring of student conferences (medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy,…); Training courses in health and other such areas; Early development competitions for children; Promoting innovation, etc.
  • Financial support of NGOs and other social aid activities relating to mothers and childhood.


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