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Efficacy of the Random Start protocol in an egg donation programme

Efficacy of the Random Start protocol in an egg donation programme

Investigation subject: Traditionally, controlled ovarian stimulation strategies have been oriented towards starting in the early follicular phase. However, in recent years a strategy has emerged that has become known as Random-start, aimed at initiating ovarian stimulation regardless of the time of the patient’s cycle. Existing publications on Random-start stimulation include mostly exclusively oncological patients. This strategy may be an alternative to conventional ovarian stimulation in other clinical situations, such as in egg donors.

Objective: To assess the results in terms of clinical gestation and laboratory results in patients undergoing oocyte reception treatment. The eggs come from donors after conventional ovarian stimulation (control) or at different times throughout the menstrual cycle (Random-start protocol).

Current situation: The preliminary results of this work were accepted at the ESHRE 2019 congress and the paper is currently being finalised for publication.

Location: Instituto Bernabeu and Accuna.

Coordinated by: J. Guerrero, Dr J. Castillo, Dr J. Ten, Dr R. Bernabeu.

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