R+D+I: Kliniske Studier am Instituto Bernabeu

Double Donation Pregnancy Guarantee Evaluation Project

Double Donation Pregnancy Guarantee Evaluation Project

Investigation subject: Recurrent implantation failure represents a major cause of infertility difficult to explain, defined as the failure to establish a viable pregnancy after successive IVF treatments. It’s estimated that between 10% and 15% of women undergoing assisted reproduction treatments experience this type of problem. There’re many possible causes, including uterine, immunological, genetic and other factors. The woman, the male and the embryo are the three main actors in this situation, with the embryonic factor probably being the one most frequent behind these cases.

Objective: The main objective is to evaluate the prevalence of patients with implantation failure casuistry based on an ideal population, within a double gamete donation programme, thus mitigating the possible biases associated with the embryo factor.

Current situation: Basadate

Location: Instituto Bernabeu. Alicante.

Coordinated by: J. Guerrero, Dr J. Ortiz, Dr J. Ten, Dr R. Bernabeu.

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