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Machine learning and euploid embryo implantation

Machine learning and euploid embryo implantation

Investigation subject: human embryos from in vitro fertilisation (IVF) cycles whose chromosomal endowment has been analysed by PGT-A.

Objective: exemplary Machine Learning algorithms to predict the probability a euploid embryo (analysed by PGT-A) will implant in the maternal uterus. Different patient characteristics (maternal and paternal), IVF cycle, embryos, ovarian stimulation and embryo biopsy will be used as predictor variables.

Current situation: The number of cases is currently being expanded and after the appropriate statistical analysis.

Location: Molecular Biology and Genetics department. Instituto Bernabeu. Alicante.

Coordinated by: Dr Jose A. Ortiz, Dr Ruth Morales and Dr Belén Lledó.


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