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3rd International Congress: Meeting the Experts

Datum: 27/09/2019 ogni 28/09/2019

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As a doctor, you know the field of Reproductive Medicine is full of polemic issues.

We receive lots of input which is frequently controversial.

Considering our very busy agendas, it is difficult to find enough time to calmly and deeply discuss these issues with well-known colleagues and top scientific experts.

Moreover, we need to deal with very demanding and often-confused patients who have done extensive online research, which create scenarios of conflicting information.

All of us, including our patients, deserve to have access to the best knowledge.

Our patients and we definitely deserve the best knowledge.

And this is why Meeting the Experts was created.

Meeting the Experts is not just another congress.

The limited number of attendees, the high quality of speakers and the well selected topics give you an extraordinary opportunity to share knowledge, improve your medical competence and go home with a renewed point of view about the most important challenges we have to deal with, in a very friendly and open atmosphere of science and sunny Mediterranean days.

On behalf of the entire Instituto Bernabeu team, our warmest welcome.


Dr Rafael Bernabeu

Dr Ll. Aparicio

Presidents of Meeting the Experts


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