New Chromosomal Alterations Prenatal Test in the mother’s blood


New Chromosomal Alterations Prenatal Test in the mother’s blood

Instituto Bernabeu has extended its offer in Prenatal Diagnosis services with the launch of a new Screening Test to rule out the most common chromosomal anomalies. Is the fetal DNA Test in the mother’s blood, done from week 10,with the ability to know in two weeks the risk of suffering Trisomy of the 21 chromosome (Down Syndrome), Trisomy of the 18 chromosome (Edwards Syndrome) and Trisomy of the 13 chromosome (Patau Syndrome).

With a simple blood sample from the mother, some fetal DNA is obtained and can be identify and quantify through an advanced technological process: massively parallel sequence. Finally, a statistical analysis of suffering any of the anomalies mentioned is obtained.

The sensibility or reliability of the test is very high, as it has screening rates higher than 99% with false positives lower than 0,1%.Therefore, the great difference with respect to the routine tests used nowadays, is a clear reduction, of up to five times, of the false positive results that to perform unnecessary invasive tests.

Is not useful in multiple pregnancies but it can be applied in all other pregnancies achieved after assisted reproduction treatments, included the egg donation ones.

This prevents the performance of many amniocenteses allowing a precise risk evaluation of the trisomy responsible of the majority of chromosomal anomalies.

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