Participation in the 11th Annual National Meeting of Marfan Syndrome patients

  • 14-03-2011
The Association of People Affected with Marfan Syndrome, (SIMA) held its eleventh Annual Marfan Syndrome meeting in Benidorm from 10th to 13th March which included a presentation by Dr Rafael Bernabeu, who explained Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (DGP) and the alternatives available to patients who wish to have healthy offspring free of the disease they are carrying.
Instituto Bernabeu was the first clinic in the world to achieve the birth of the first child in February 2006 without Marfan syndrome. Our Charitable Foundation was also invited to discuss the activities of the group since last May when the association signed an agreement with the Marfan Association to donate a PGD treatment to those families who for scarce economic resources can not access these elaborate techniques.
Its coordinator, Sómnica Bernabeu, explained the process and the experience of 5 couples so far who have benefited from this agreement.

Instituto Bernabeu