Instituto Bernabeu talks about the pharmacist’s role in reproductive medicine to the UMH Pharmacy students


Instituto Bernabeu talks about the pharmacist’s role in reproductive medicine to the UMH Pharmacy students

Pharmacy students at the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche have learned first-hand the pharmacist’s role in assisted reproduction and the work these professionals carry out in the laboratories of the Instituto Bernabeu. They have learned it with Dr Ana Fabregat’s help, pharmacist and clinical analyst at Instituto Bernabeu, who has participated in the Employment Sessions of the Pharmacy Degree held online on May 19 to show the different professional opportunities. Dr Fabregat has revealed through her experience the steps to follow and her training to develop a professional work in assisted reproduction.

In her case, she has always been attracted to the laboratory work and the hospital outings that the Pharmacy branch has, she explained to the students. For this reason, she opted for her residency in Clinical Analysis. At the same time, she combined this training with the doctoral program completion in the Clinical Medicine Department of Miguel Hernández University and with one of the few masters that were taught at that time in relation to Assisted Reproduction. And thanks to her efforts, she was able to do, for the first time for a clinical analysis resident, a rotation in the Assisted Reproduction Unit of La Fe de Valencia, until then reserved for specialists in gynecology. With this specialized training, she began her professional career 17 years ago, becoming the first pharmacist of the Instituto Bernabeu Group.

Dr Fabregat explains that the first quality a pharmacist, like any other professional, must have to work in the field of Assisted Reproduction is vocation, an important quality to develop with quality any type of professional activity: “What you dedicate your professional life to must excite you”. Instituto Bernabeu develops a professional work that he combines teaching and research. Something implicit in the clinic’s human staff.

Dr Fabregat acknowledges that the pharmacists’ role in Reproductive Medicine is still poorly understood. Currently, the Instituto Bernabeu Group has three pharmaceutical professionals who carry out their activity in the Andrology and Clinical Analysis, Molecular Biology and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Embryology laboratories.

Participation in the Employment Sessions of the Degree in Pharmacy of the UMH is one of the teaching and dissemination facets that the institution’s physicians carry out periodically. These days in particular bring students closer to the various professional opportunities.

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