"Reproductive Medicine: Towards a new species of Homo Sapiens?" Conference by Dr. Bernabeu in the Medical Surgical Society of Alicante

  • 17-03-2015

On Monday 23 March at 7:30pm the conference named "Reproductive Medicine: Towards a new species of Homo Sapiens?" will take place in the Medical Surgical Society of Alicante, given by Dr. Rafael Bernabeu in Hall 3 of the Alicante Association of Physicians.

The event will begin with the presentation of the speech by Dr. Francisco Sánchez del Campo, President of the Medical Surgical Society, and will continue with the speech by Dr. Bernabeu, which will set out the importance of continuing research in the field of reproductive medicine and adapting and advancing it towards the changes occurring in society by offering solutions to everyday challenges.

The speech will conclude with a discussion among attendees, followed by the awarding of the title "Partner of Merit" to Dr. Rafael Bernabeu. Admission to the conference is free and open to all who wish to attend, expecting a great turnout.


“Medicina Reproductiva: ¿Hacia una nueva especie de Homo Sapiens?”. Conferencia del Dr. Bernabeu en la Sociedad Médico Quirúrgica de Alicante. Instituto Bernabeu

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