Reproductive medicine conference for nursing professionals in Albacete

  • 08-04-2015
Reproductive health problems have been increasing in recent years due to different causes, such as socioeconomic factors, delayed motherhood for social and professional factors as well as other medical and social reasons. These influence human fertility in different ways and have caused reproductive medicine to lead to significant advances in order to serve a growing number of patients who would not have been able to be parents without help.

These developments create the need for health professionals to update their knowledge. Therefore, the faculty of nursing, along with Instituto Bernabeu in Albacete, has organized a training seminar to be held on Thursday, the 9th of April in the Benjamin Palencia building of the faculty of nursing, in the classroom 1.4 Albacete campus. During the meeting, experts will discuss the challenges that face human fertility in the XXI century, the role of nursing in reproductive medicine, advances that have occurred in IVF laboratories, and oocyte and sperm preservation, among other issues.

The training is aimed at both health professionals and the general public, since these are important issues for different sectors and groups. The course, which aims at expanding knowledge in nursing and reproductive medicine, is part of the training schedule that Instituto Bernabeu continuously organizes and Rafael Bernabeu Charitable Foundation subsidizes.

Jornada de medicina reproductiva para profesionales de enfermería en Albacete. Instituto Bernabeu