Instituto Bernabeu in Albacete is celebrating its first six months

  • 26-08-2015

The Instituto Bernabeu clinic in Albacete reached its first six months this August thanks to all those patients who have turned to us to deal with their reproduction issues. It’s the only clinic in the aforementioned region to offer a COMPLETE RANGE of services and this means that our patients are able to benefit from the latest technology without having to travel further afield.

The last 6 months have been full of challenges and undertakings with our patients: new pregnancies are underway and these are our inspiration to keep moving ahead every day, striving to improve.

Qualified personnel along with comfortable and homely facilities with areas for patients, rooms, an in-house theatre, an in vitro fertilisation laboratory, an andrology and clinical analysis laboratory, gynaecological examination rooms, amongst others, make the clinic one of the most up-to-date and prepared reproductive medicine centres on a national scale.

Dr Lydia Luque manages the team which has dealt with over 100 patients from Albacete since last February. Many of these have already undergone various fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilisation, egg donation, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, embryo and egg freezing or artificial insemination, amongst many others. 


Instituto Bernabeu Albacete cumple medio año. Instituto Bernabeu