Biologists at Instituto Bernabeu Albacete explains the clinic’s every day to the Pharmacy students from the Castilla la Mancha University

  • 30-12-2020

Biologists at Instituto Bernabeu Albacete have explained the reproductive medicine clinic’s every dayto the 60 Pharmacy students from the Castilla la Mancha University (UCLM) as part of the clinic’s usual practice. Instituto Bernabeu opens its doors each year to final year students to show their facilities and get them familiarized with the work that is being carried out. 

On this occasion, and due to the restrictions imposed by the covid-19, it has been the biologists of the Bernabeu Institute who have come to the Faculty with video material to show some of the usual tasks of the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Andrology laboratories, as well as the gamete and pre-embryo bank the Albacete clinic holds. 

The Instituto Bernabeu’s specialists have addressed in their talk the news of assisted reproduction, the patient’s profile and the services and techniques offered. This is explained by Nuria Ruiz, coordinator of the IVF and Andrology laboratories at Instituto Bernabeu Albacete, who attended the Faculty of Pharmacy together with Julia Bartolomé, biologist from the Andrology laboratory and Angel Linares, embryologist at the IVF laboratory.